Indonisia New Hope Breeder Project

September 22, 2021
Latest company case about Indonisia New Hope Breeder Project

Farm address: Indonesia

4 breeder poultry farming house with full set automatic equipment in 2017, sized at 100x12x2.5m per house.


Since New Hope Liuhe Animal Protection Center and overseas Indonesian companies supported the major national "One Belt One Road" initiative and undertook the "Indonesia-Indonesia Science and Technology Cooperation Platform and Demonstration", New Hope has conducted in-depth understanding of local disease surveillance technologies in Indonesia and established a foundation for Indonesian companies in the later period. More cooperative livestock and poultry breeding projects are being prepared.


Cooperating with New Hope is of great significance to the development of EJOY's business in Indonesia and the deeper research and development of livestock and poultry breeding. I look forward to more opportunities to cooperate with large companies like New Hope in the future.