Indonesia Central Egg Collection Automatic Cage System

November 9, 2021
Latest company case about Indonesia Central Egg Collection Automatic Cage System

Farm address: Bandung

this layer farm project from the year of 2016. Farm scale is 600,000 layers( 120,000 layers per house, 6 rows 6 tiers design). This is a very modern farm in Indonesia, we have already finished 2 houses until now. The farm are going to expand in the following years. One mentionable point is we adopted central egg conveyor to transport all eggs to one egg room. Egg grading machine will be installed in egg room.

Fully automatic feeding, drinking, egg colllection syste, and automatic controlled enviornmental controlled system, one house need only one keeper to manage and supervise the daily work, which is very different from the traditional layer breeding method.

For automatic monitoring system of our chicken house. the data of the chicken house, including temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, etc., on the screen. Once it exceeds the normal value, our ventilation system will automatically start without manual operation.

H frame fully automatic layer cage system are more and more favored by large investors.